Smoker Grill

Make your barbecue special with a smoker grill


A grill is a valuable tool for every barbecue lover and aficionado. Almost every home has one. But, if someone considers themselves as a serious grill expert, having a grill-smoker combo is a must. A smoker grill is necessary, in case someone wants to add a particular taste, as well as an interesting twist to the standard cook-out. Serving a hickory-smoked stake, or mesquite smoked chicken will make any barbecue or backyard get-together, a special and memorable event. For experienced grillers. Who are a bit on the adventurous side, and have enough patience, using a smoker grill, is the best way to add to the food that certain special flavor and a personal touch. Smoker grills are not just some ordinary tools for making food. They are the tools that can make everyday food into a tantalizing and savory experience.

A worthy combo

smoking meatA grill smoker’s main feature is that it is a grill and a smoker combined into one. It allows both grilling and smoking at the same time. The standard rack is used to cook the meat over an open flame. A smoker grill can do not only that but also smoke that meat over the heat box, at a slow and steady pace. A good smoker grill is designed with the aim of adding those particular flavors of hardwoods, such as mesquite, hickory, oak and so on.

Simple, safe and healthy

The method by which a smoker grill operates is rather simple. The preferred wood chips are placed into the grill’s firebox, to create that unique flavored aroma, which engulfs the meat, adding to it, not only an incredible and irresistible flavor but also that distinct mouthwatering aroma. Another important feature of a smoker grill is that the flame never actually gets in direct contact with the meat, while it is being smoked. Even though this method requires substantially more time to prepare and finish, it completely removes the risk of juices dripping onto the flame and causing massive, erratic fire bursts, which usually result in scorched food.

In comparison to baking, broiling or grilling, smoking meat requires a much lesser temperature, which can blend with the wood used for smoking. With this method, not only can meat be prepared, but also steamed vegetables. Using a smoker grill to prepare cooked vegetables, will not only add taste and flavor but also preserve all the valuable nutrients. This way, the vegetables will not only be tastier but also healthier as well. Smoker grills are, in general, a healthier method of cooking. With them, a cook can make food with substantially less cholesterol and fat, as opposed to a large number of other ways.

Looking for the best

frog smoking meatThere are a plethora of manufacturers on the market these days. When purchasing a smoker grill, one should do a bit of researching, and keep in mind his/her needs. They can come in various models and sizes, ranging from family style, backyard grills, all the way to the huge, trailer-pulled ones.

The variants include primary, family, and commercial models. Basic things are mostly similar to the traditional grills, with a grill on the top, and a firebox underneath. Family ones are a bit more expensive and bigger than the basic ones but provide more flavor. Commercial ones are made from thick carbon steel, and not intended for home use.…