Limitations of Free VPNs

Some credible VPN providers do offer free VPNs for torrenting. However, their credibility doesn’t mean they will offer dependable VPNs for free. In fact, the very fact that companies sell VPNs should be enough evidence to make you curious about the viability of free options. VPN providers are businesses, and businesses need profit to operate. They can’t make the profit by offering free VPNs. You will encounter many limitations with these free services. The limitations may include:


working on a laptopMany free VPNs will operate at extremely low speed. Just about 1-3 Mbps. They also give/set download limits, thus making restricting the much you can do online. A paid plan has up to 5 times more. Credible providers of paid VPNs use the free offers as an introductory service in a bid to make you upgrade. Thus, they will introduce speed limitation. Even with this limited speed, they will bombard you with regular offers trying to convince you to upgrade.


Many free VPNs keep logs. These logs are a danger to you because they can be used to identify individual users based on their activities on the Internet. A VPN that keeps logs makes it possible for your ISP or monitoring agencies to link individual events to your computer. And this is risky.


Free VPNs will limit you to one or just a few servers. The problem is that these servers are likely to be crowded all the time. Not allowing you to access all their servers means that the service is limited.

No torrents

If the reason you are looking for a VPN is for torrenting, then there is no point you settling for one that doesn’t enable you to do that. Since many credible VPNs offer excellent torrenting services, they tend to block them on their free platforms.

Bandwidth usage

With free VPNs, you may be limited to just a few GBs of data a month. They will indeed impose on you bandwidth speed limits. Moreover, they may choose to disclose to you these speed limits or just impose without your knowledge. Limits on data downloads is a major setback to anyone wishing to do regular file sharing online.

Fewer connected devices

girl using a laptopFree VPNs, allow just one device at a time. Paid ones allow up to 5 devices. The more the devices attached to the VPN, the merrier the experience! This ability to connect multiple devices simultaneously is only available on paid VPN platforms.

A good VPN will not only enhance your Internet experience but also reduce the chances of being caught and being hacked. Free VPNs may not guarantee all these!

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