Attributes Of The Best E-Liquids You Should Know

A vaping experience with the best e-liquid is one of the best. Most experienced vapors can attest to this and also the starters alike. According to Mist E Liquid sales manager, creating a great e-liquid is not an easy task but requires great caution and dedication. However, the results are good since the customers never complain. If you are a client who is dedicated to a certain brand, there must be a reason why – quality is most likely the reason. So, what are the attributes of the best e-liquid? See below.

Qualities of the best e-liquid

Best balance of PG and VG

e-cigaretteJust to elaborate what the PG and VG are, they are the odorless part of the e-liquid and produces vapor when heated. In most cases, the balance is indicated as PG/VG with a standard range being 20/80. For people who want it stronger can have more of the PG and less of VG going up to 50/50. A company which is flexible on this ratio have their e-liquids considers as the best. For instance, the 30/70 e-liquids are considered to have heavy clouds for people who love it that way.

Variety of flavor

It is not a surprise to get milkshake based e-liquids. The flavors are as many as people can be creative. A good product will have real and consistent flavors. Loyal customers need to enjoys a similar feeling from the beginning to the end. They should bot taste awful but should always be enjoyed by clients.

Made with the finest ingredients

Most people move to vaping primarily due to the health benefits associated with them. Therefore, the e-liquids should not jeopardize people’s health even to the least. The secret to achieving this is to use high-quality ingredients and having a quality test before any product goes to the market.

Best packing

Se-cigaretteome of the best e-liquid are packed with several considerations put in place. One is portability where they use sleek and pocket-friendly bottles to consider people on the move. Closely to that is the size which should be enough to refill the e-cig as well as portable. The most common size is the 30ml and 100ml. Also, the packing must be leak-free to avoid messing with people’s other stuff.


Buying the best e-liquid is will give you the best vaping experience you will always look forward to. Buy only form a reliable supplier to enjoy this and more.…