Tips for Choosing the Right Bowling Ball

Bowling is one of the few sporting events where you get to play and have fun with your entire family and friends. Sometimes to make it more fun, you can hold bowling competitions, and for better scores and results, you need the right bowling ball. If you are not an experienced bowler, choosing the right bowling ball can be challenging unless you consult with bowling experts.

When you go out bowling, you need a bowling ball that will exactly fit both your style and needs. Several tips can help you acquire a good bowling ball like the hellraiser DV8. Thinking of buying the hell raiser DV8 bowling ball from this website for my dad’s birthday. This is because he loves bowling.

Here are some of the things to consider when choosing the right bowling ball:

Weight of The Ball

This is a crucial consideration you should look into, especially if you are not yet a pro bowler. If you choose a ball that is too heavy, you will make the game hard for yourself. At the same time, stepping into the bowling alley with a light ball might not yield you the desired results either.

So important is the ball’s weight because it can contribute to you either winning or losing the game. The standard rule is choosing a bowling bowl a tenth of your body weight. If you weigh 130 pounds, you need a bowling bowl that weighs around 13 pounds.

The Cover Stock

consider the cover stockThis is something many bowling players tend to overlook, but it certainly has its role to play. Cover stock refers to the material used to cover the outside of the ball. If the material is not good enough, you will, in most cases, make bad bowls no matter how good you are, which can cost you very much.

Bowling balls cover stocks are mainly made up of either polyester, urethane, or reactive resin. All these materials react differently on the bowling lane. If you are starting, it is recommended that you begin with balls covered with reactive resin, as it improves the hook potential of your shots.

Choose a Ball That Has Not Been Drilled

When buying bowling balls, you can either choose the pre-drilled balls or select ones that have not been drilled yet. You can then have these balls drilled to fit your hands perfectly. Instead of buying a pre-drilled bowling ball, why don’t you save the money you will use and instead use the house balls.

When a ball has been drilled just for your hand, it gives you a better grip, making a good bowl. At the same time, you significantly reduce any injury risks when you use balls drilled just for you. Some bowling ball stores offer free drilling services once you have purchased the ball.…