Service Lifts

Types Of Service Lifts

During ancient times a lift comprised of a rope which was simple or chain hoists. A lift is a device which is pushed or pulled up applying mechanical means. Currently, a lift is a platform that consists of a cab which is mounted on it within a shaft which is an enclosed space. In the developments of new installations majorly depend on various factors. For the best service lifts click on the active link. The following are types of services lift available;

Different types

Traction service lifts

crane lifting servicesTraction service lifts are categorized into geared and gearless groups. The geared traction service lifts are powered by DC or AC electric motors. In geared machines, the lift’s mechanical movement is controlled by use of worm gears. Gearless traction service lifts are low speed and are usually driven by DC or AC. In this case, it is often used independently. In between the motor and the gearbox, a brake is placed.

Hydraulic service lifts

Hydraulic service lifts are categorized into three groups namely; conventional hydraulic service lifts whereby hydraulic cylinder which is underground is used. This type of service lift is used in buildings which have three to five-floor levels. Hole less hydraulic service lift uses a pair of ground cylinders which are located above which is applied to buildings which are cost sensitive. It is employed in buildings which have two to four-floor levels. Lastly, there is a roped hydraulic service lift which applies the usage of both the rope and above ground cylinder. In this system, the lift travels a longer length. Hydraulic service lifts are best suited to installations which are little traffic and low rise. The energy from these service lifts is usually less efficient since the pump within the system pumps against gravity.

Climbing service lifts

A climbing service lifts are ascending lift on its own and propel on itself. The propulsion is achieved through a combustion or electric engine. Climbing service lifts in towers or masts which are guyed so as a passage to different construction sites are made easier. Examples of climbing service lifts are the Moonlight towers in Austin and Glasgow tower in Scotland. In most cases, this type of service lift allows one person at a time plus the equipment being used.

Pneumatic service lifts

crane lifting servicesPneumatic service lift is a type of lift that uses a cab with vacuum on top of it and valves to move up and down when it is operating. This kind of service lift is usually small capacity in that it can allow a maximum of three passengers at a time