Entry Level Social Media Marketing Salary

High competition among various companies has led to adoption of new techniques. One of the techniques that are being embraced widely is the use of social media marketing. This is where companies use online platforms to market their products and services. This is often done by people who possess social media skills. Different social media jobs have different entry level salary.

We are going to look at some of these jobs, their work description and how much they earn.

man using an iPhone

  • Communication specialist

The company’s communication is managed by a communication specialist. He tries to focus on both internal and external communications through marketing any upcoming events, holding press conferences and managing any online content. Basic education requirement include a bachelor’s degree in marketing and communication. Strong computer background is also an adding factor. His salary ranges from $33,600 to $71,000 per year. This is according to PayScale.

  • Internet Marketing Director

Internet marketing director plays a key role especially to a growing company. They enjoy huge sum of salary of around $97,500 per year.

  • Marketing Manager

A Marketing manager is responsible for coming up with marketing plans as well as executing them. Marketing plans helps the company to achieve its goals. They mainly narrow down to increasing sales and brand awareness. This is done through massive campaigns and organizing events. Online skills such as search engine optimization are important. A marketing manager earns an annual salary range of around $40,000 to $103,000.

  • Blogger

Many people think that all bloggers are self-employed. This is not the case as various companies have realized bloggers come with various benefits as far as online marketing is concerned. Blogging entails writing articles and posts that can be easily found in search engines. This is to drive traffic to the firm’s website thus increasing its marketability. It is important for a blogger to possess a bachelor’s degree in English since his job will basically revolves around writing and editing. Bloggers earn an annual salary range of around $20,000 to $70,000.

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  • Social Media Manager

Many social media sites have been developed to enable social interaction. However, these sites are not only used for interactions but also marketing of products and services. Many companies are flocking Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Google Plus to market their respective products. This has led to introduction of social media managers who develop brand awareness and maintain brand image as well. This is done through Facebook posts and tweeting. According to Pay Scale, they are paid around $26,200 to $70,109 annually.