Why many view memory foam as the best mattress for a bad back

There are many different kinds of mattresses available on the market today. However, not all mattresses are made equal as they are designed for different functionalities. Many experts consider memory foam as the best mattress for a bad back. This is because of the many benefits that are associated with sleeping on such mattresses. Some of these are mentioned in this post.

Even Distribution of Body Weight

girl on bedOne of the greatest concerns about most types of mattresses is that they are unable to evenly distribute one’s weight. This leads to the creation of uncomfortable pressure points that may worsen back pains. With memory foam, however, the weight is uniformly distributed as the mattress molds to your body. As the mattress takes the shape of your body, it aligns your spinal cord and neck in the direction that you feel most comfortable in. This relieves you of any back pain as the body assumes an ideal posture when sleeping.

Sensitivity to Body Temperature

Another reason why many view memory foam as the best mattress for a bad back is the fact that they are made using materials that are sensitive to varying body temperatures. The material softens as the temperature increases, providing a more comfortable surface in the process. Furthermore, they retain heat and can provide you with extra warmth during the colder seasons. Sleep experts are in agreement that a suitable temperature is necessary for one to sleep comfortably. This is guaranteed by foam mattresses and hence you can enjoy a good night’s sleep, which is essential for relief of back pain.

Resistance to Transfer of Motion

Back pain can be really aggravated if your partner is restless at night. This is because their motion will be transferred to your side of the bed, thereby interfering with your sleep. You can avoid such a situation by sleeping on memory foams as they are made to resist such transfer of motion. The surface movements and disturbances caused by their tossing and turning are absorbed by the foam and therefore you never have to worry about it.

They are Durable

queen sized bedRegardless of whether you have back pains or not, the durability of a mattress is something you must always put into consideration. The great thing about foam mattresses is that they are made using sturdy and durable materials. These retain their original shape and structure after pressure is removed from them and can, therefore, serve you for several years. You can enjoy the benefits of sleeping on such mattresses long after your back pains have been relieved.