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How to Choose a Breast Pump? (3 Top Tips!)

New mothers can always benefit from amazing breast pump products. They promote mothers worldwide to prepare yummy breast milk full of nutrients that babies need to grow healthy and strong. Albeit their usefulness and inclination to purchase, choosing which brand to buy can be a hurdle for new mothers. There’s a lot of mixed reviews and recommendations on the internet like Spectra s1 vs S2 or Willow vs. Medella, which can further confuse new mothers. So, let us help you with the top tips on choosing the right breast pump to get:

Manual vs. Electronic

Electronic Pump

One of the first things that come to mind when choosing a breast pump is whether they’re operated manually or electronically. New mothers who don’t like much hassle or have any experience and knowledge about breast pumping before may opt for electronic pumps that are very user-friendly, as attested by many satisfied reviewers of the product, and can continue working while their breast milk is being pumped. 

But mothers who don’t plan to breast pump frequently usually go for the manual ones. So that should give you somewhat of a clear idea on your first move in deciding which breast pump to buy.

Closed System vs. Open System

Breast Pump

Another deciding factor that’s no less essential is deciding which breast pump system that you prefer. A closed system is deemed more hygienic by many because of how it blocks excess breast milk from entering the main pump system. But as you may know, the technology is quite limited at this moment, so no breast pump system is entirely “closed” that’s developed yet. 

In contrast, an open system is typically cheaper due to its second-hand nature. Most open system breast pumps you see in the market have been exposed to the previous user’s breast milk and sanitized, then resold at a bargain price. So, you may need to take a look at your budget to decide which breast pump system you’re more comfortable with.

Price and Reviews

The final tip that we can give you is to check on their price and reviews beforehand. The best rule of thumb when choosing a breast pump is to check on who manufactured them and what reviews they get. You should avoid buying something as critical as a breast pump from shady manufacturers that don’t have a lot of market credibility, nor should you get a product that doesn’t have many good reviews. 

We completely understand that budgets may vary, and we can assure you that you don’t have to go for a breast pump that can cost more than you can afford. Go with whatever you’re comfortable with at the time being and never look back!